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In a world engaged upon the process of globalization, it is easy to forget that the building blocks of what we see around us tend to be our cultures, histories, arts and literatures. Preserving an understanding of these subjects is vitally important, if we are to continue to value cultural diversity and retain our essential humanity.

The disciplines in the College of Arts and Humanities have been a traditional cornerstone of higher education in all of the world’s civilizations. Gaining an appreciation of the Arts, Humanities, either in general terms, or through the study of one specific academic area, helps us understand our present circumstances. Subjects such as literature and culture are essential in understanding our modern situation and challenges, helping us to understand problems and identify solutions, based on solid and well thought out principles. The Arts, Humanities are about life – past life, present life and the development of future life. Examining these issues is both rewarding and directly relevant to personal learning and growth.


The College of Arts and Humanities envisions preparing students to engage and deal with society by nurturing a broad knowledge and promoting creative and critical thinking skills essential for flexibility to changes of our society and the world at large.  We help to develop our students’ talents and help them realise their full potential.  In addition, we encourage our students to think independently and creatively, but act cooperatively with others in open-mindedness in order to contribute to build our nation, the region, and the world. Our vision is to inspire students to have a passion for learning.


The College of Arts and Humanities strives to produce graduates who are articulate and are able to think analytically and communicate effectively with others; to provide a high-quality education to students in order to respond to the needs of society, and to energetically support faculties in research.



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