College of Arts, Humanities and Languages

Why Choose CoAH?

Students graduating with a degree in the Arts and Humanities from the University of Cambodia will be:

  • equipped with a broad knowledge in Asian culture, politics and economics;
  • well-prepared with an in-depth familiarity with their chosen subject-major;
  • competent in critical and analytical thinking;
  •  flexible in their outlook because of a rounded education outside their major; and able to find and compete for jobs locally and abroad.


Graduates from these programs can expect to find jobs in NGOs, governemant, consulting firms, culture, social work, local community services, the media, tourism, embassies and other related fileds.


The University of Cambodia has the following to further enhance the learning experience of our students:

  • the Dr. Haruhisa Handa Library  and UC E-Library- one of the best in Cambodia;
  • a Computer Lab, as well as an IT Center and a Virtual Library;
  • the Centre for English Studies, with its own  Language Laboratory to help increase students’ capabilities in English; and
  • the Student Development Center to help students develop their leadership potential; and to provide information and support regarding internships and career and job opportunities.


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