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The College of Arts and Humanities envisions preparing students to engage and deal with society by nurturing a broad knowledge and promoting creative and critical thinking skills which are essential to our society and the world at large. We help to develop our students’ talents and help them realize their full potential. In addition, we encourage our students to think independently and creatively, but act cooperatively with others in open-mindedness to contribute to building our nation, the region and the world. The College of Arts and Humanities strives to produce graduates who are articulate and are able to think analytically and communicate effectively with others; to provide a high-quality education to students in order to respond to the needs of society, and to energetically support faculties in research and inspire students to have a passion for life-long learning. The vision of the College of Arts and Humanities is to Build Tomorrow’s Leaders.

The College of Arts and Humanities provides unparalleled Academic Programs for both the International Track and Khmer Track:

Associate Degree

  • Asian Studies (AA)
  • Psychology (AA)
  • Sociology (AA)
  • Social Work (AA)

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Asian Studies (BA)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Social Work (BA)

Master’s Degrees

  • Asian Studies (MA)
  • Psychology (MA)
  • Sociology (MA)
  • Social Work (MA)


Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program at the University of Cambodia offers courses in most of the disciplines of the social sciences and the humanities, with an emphasis on their regional – East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia – context. The program also offers a concentration in Southeast Asian Studies and Cambodian Studies, for students who want to take a more in-depth view of particular regions. In this way, students gain insights into Cambodia and its place in a regional context, in terms of the area's broad socio-cultural and economic diversity; and thus insights into how to foster and nurture beneficial relations with our neighbors.




Psychology is understood as the science of mind and behavior. The Psychology major offers critical training in how to understand human behavior using rigorous scientific methods. The Department of Psychology at the University of Cambodia strives to introduce the field of Psychology, in particular mental health as an important area of study in developing Cambodia society.



As a discipline, Sociology describes and examines social structures and processes, including how society emerges, changes, and connects with its individual members. Specifically, Sociology examines how a society organizes itself and evolves through social processes in a social environment, how social groups interact with each other, and the way it shapes people’s behavior, beliefs, and identity.


Social Work

Probably more so than most other countries, Cambodia’s recent tumultuous history and its afer-effects (including the grossly-skewed distribution of economic resource) mean that the pressures on individual and their families become more varied and less predictable as society get more complex and complicated. Our undergraduate program in social work, based on the “person-in-environment” paradigm, aims to produce generalist social practitioners with the skills necessary to help improve the lot of those members of the communities who, through force of circumstance, have development interpersonal and other problems.




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